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I’ve always been a jewelry girl but not an “expensive jewelry” girl. I love accessories and have always enjoyed sprucing up an outfit with fun bling. When I was pregnant with my daughter Sienna, one of my best friends sent me a gift card to a boutique downtown for my birthday. I knew I didn’t want to buy clothes because my body was changing so much and would continue to change so much postpartum. So I bought some earrings that I thought were cute. That is until I got home to try them on and realized they didn’t look right with my hair color.

That’s when it hit me - what if I made earrings and sold them around the idea of hair color?

And that’s how Shop Your Statement was born!

This labor of love has become my passion project. It has become a way for me to “do something different” with my hands and focus on simply being creative.

I’m excited to bring you along my journey into this new creative endeavor and fill your jewelry box with pieces that you LOVE!

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It all started with a Christmas gift.

For Christmas 2019, my husband Tyler asked if there was anything in particular that I wanted as a gift. We had an 8 month old at the time so most of my gift “ideas” centered around being a Mom.

One night I was laying in bed browsing Pinterest. I saw a photo of handmade earrings and thought to myself “that looks fun to make.” I already had this “make earrings for different hair colors” idea in mind so this felt like a sign! I looked at Ty and said, “clay. I would like some clay for Christmas.” He asked me to pick out everything I needed and send him a list. 

I will never forget sitting down with my new clay for the first time. “New” is how I would describe the whole process. I had no idea what I was doing. All I had was the excitement of trying something new. It was invigorating!

I spent that Winter designing, creating, trashing, and starting over. I sent some designs to friends and asked them to wear them and then give me their feedback. It was so vulnerable to offer up my art for critique for the first time. I mean, this was just my “thing to do for fun,” right?

One friend with a large Instagram following shared about my earrings on a random day in May and my direct message inbox BLEW UP with excitement. “Oh my gosh, you have to sell these!”

And so here we are, doing the dang thing!

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My favorite designs

I think you'll like these too!

Picking a favorite earring is nearly impossible! But there are a few that I’m naturally inclined too because of the “why” behind the design and the creative texture I used to get the earring to it’s final state!



The Ray

I love a good unexpected statement piece! That’s what this one feels like. I love the mix of clay and brass so much!


The Holly

A subtle nod to holiday festive flair. I love to see it! I love that you can dress up a simple outfit with this cute design this holiday season!


The Half Arc

I polled my clients and they asked for a winter blue earring style. So I landed on this one. A little sparkle paired with a simple arc. I think it’s the perfect statement piece to carry past the holidays!


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